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Small Group Ministries are the way to fellowship, pray and learn with people like you in AFAchurch. This is how the Body ministers and cares for "one another". If you haven't yet gotten involved in our small groups, now is a great time to start. These small groups meet all over Randolph county. 3 groups meet the FIRST Sunday of every month from 5-7 PM and one group (Turner/Hawkins) meets on the SECOND Sunday evening. Pick up a list in the back lobby for a group meeting near you. Bring a dish to share, if you are able to and come join in the fun, friendship and ministry. We discuss the morning's sermon and pray with each other as well as having fun and making friends.

Brooks/Vestals (West Asheboro)

Turner/Hawkins (North Asheboro)

Greg and Pam Small's Home (Randleman)

Young Couples -  Stegers (Church Campus) (Babysitting available at the church)