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Each Wednesday in our Sanctuary we worship the Lord with our live worship band and then we investigate, study and discuss major themes and lessons from the Word of God. 

We are now  studying of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible - called Bereshith in Hebrew which means the BEGINNING. We have discussed dinosaurs, time travel, fossils, is the earth on 6000 years old, what is original sin, what made Abraham the friend of God and much, much more! More importantly, we are learning how the Old Testament means so much to us as New Testament believers. You cannot fully grasp all the the Lord has done for us thru His Son Jesus if you don't understand the prophetic types and shadows He gave us as to His plan of redemption and blessing for us in the Old Testament. Why not join us each week for lively, thought-provoking discussion and insights into God's Word? We begin at 6:30 PM and there are wonderful teen and children's ministries available for your children of all ages including nursery and toddler care. You can catch up on the sessions you missed by watching an archived video of that meeting, you will find them here.