Today Pastor Kim Snyder answers the question, "Who am I", as he helps us understand our identity in Christ. Sermon Starts 1:02:27 Join us for a time of Praise and Worship and the anointed Word of God! Please like, comment, and subscribe.
Discover the Purpose, Power, and Presence of God. One Word from God will change your life! Sermon Starts 58:00 Pastor Kim Snyder shares the Word this morning. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

Welcome to the House of the Lord as Pastor Dave Snyder brings a powerful Word about how God has made us in His image and Saturated us with His Glory!

Pastor Kim Snyder shares about the hidden Mysteries of the Gospel. Did you know the Bible references the word "mystery" 22 times in the New Testament? Watch and find out what God is talking about. Expect a miracle in your life because God loves you! Please like, comment, and subscribe.
The Kingdom of God is within you. Find out who you are as a child of the King! Sermon Begins: 1:05:45 Please like, comment, and subscribe!

This week Pastor Kim Snyder will be sharing about the necessity to always seek the Lord in every circumstance and to get a fresh Word from God before we make any decision. A New Day often requires a New Way!

Watch to hear this wonderful, encouraging word from the book of Acts. The Hope of the Promise. Biblical Hope does not mean "I wish it will happen". Biblical Hope EXPECTS it to happen. Receive His Promise as your very own!